Oil Change Chilliwack: Looking for a top quality oil change in Chilliwack, BC? We also offer comprehensive vehicle maintenance services.

Engine Fluids and Components

Oil Change Service from $45.99 and up
Semi synthetic and high mileage oils $55.99
Full synthetic $85.99
Radiator Fluid Change from $99.99 and up
Air Filter Replacement from $9.99 and up
Fuel filter service from 29.99 and up
Engine Flush oil system cleaner $39.99
Diesel fuel filter service from 84.99 and up
Rear differential inspection plate service from 119.99 and up
Radiator service is $89.99 and up
Longlife coolant $109.99 and up

Drive Train Services

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change from $129.99
Manual Transmission Fluid Change from $44.99 and up
Differential Fluid Change from $44.99 and up
Transfer Case Fluid Exchange from $44.99 and up

Cabin and Body

Cabin Air Filter Replacement from $19.99 and up
Headlight/Taillight/Signal Bulb Replacement from $4.99 and up
Wiper Blade Replacement from $9.99 and up

Other Services

Oil and Fuel Additives from $9.99 and up
Battery Replacement $80.00 and up
Fluid Top-ups

We only use warranty approved products:

Oil Change Chiliwack

Fleet Services: